Training Solutions

Training when you need it!

We’re committed to helping every client fully understand and utilize EAP Expert software. We offer comprehensive training programs that get teams up and running in days, not months. Whether you want to simply get a refresher, train new users, or explore certain areas of our software in more detail, EAP Expert training programs and resources can help you achieve your goals.

On-Site Workshops

If you need to train new users or are looking for a refresher course for all your users, EAP Expert can build a training solution that meets your needs.

Regular Townhalls

Regular townhalls are great way to provide smaller and more frequent training. We can deliver Townhalls on a weekly or bi-weekly basis covering specifc topics of interest.

Virtual Classroom

If you are looking for a virtual training solution we can accommodate your team easily. No need for your team to travel across town or across the country.

Super user program

Every EAP should have 2-4 super users identified and trained to handle the administration of EAP Expert within your company. We provide ongoing support and training to super users to ensure they know everything about EAP Expert Products.

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