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Save Account Managers valuable time with self-serve Online Intake

EAP Expert Online Intake Solutions

Provide 24/7 self-serve access to request a service

Ensure data collection is complete

Save your Account Managers time

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Online Intake

A modern intake solution that enables efficiencies and positive reviews of your customer service

On demand access for better customer service

100% web-based platform allows account managers to respond quickly to client requests (though those in immediate crisis should call 911)

Seamless integrations

Online Intake is synched with EAPx every day, so counsellors can review relevant data when starting cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Online Intake helps save account managers time by taking basic data input off their plates, as well as lengthy phone calls, and allowing their clients to fill out intake information themselves. This also ensures the data is accurate.

The beauty of Online Intake is that the information submitted through Online Intake automatically is attached to the case file, synching with EAPx. This way, there is only one place the account manager or counsellor has to look to see all of the case information.

Yes, you can apply your own branding to the Online Intake forms.

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