Provider Network Management Solutions

Simplified and connected case management for your Provider Network


Eliminate manual case management processes. Gain confidence in your data.

Digitize and integrate case management

From session planning to session results – all your notes and documents in one secure, central location. ProviderFiles acts as your single source of truth, synching with EAPx.

Make the right business decisions

Robust reporting capabilities allow you to get a clear view of current and historical program results and make decisions to improve service deliverability.

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Simplified and connected case management

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Visibility from start to finish

Provider Invoicing

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. With ProviderFiles, case management is completely digitized. It’s easy for your service providers to upload session notes and results as they go so you can see what is happening as it is happening. No more time-consuming searching for emails or papers to get a picture of what is going on.

EAPx and ProviderFiles can help you with that. Leveraging APIs, we integrate not only our own solutions so they synch with one another, but we can also connect with your technologies, like your accounting system for example.

We have trainers deeply experienced with the technology and the EAP business. As soon as we help you onboard the solution, we can start training, so you can get up and running quickly.

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