Online Surveys

Tell your complete story effortlessly

Get the important data you need efficiently

Online Surveys

Automate a range of survey types

Tell your story with valuable data

Synch survey data with your EAP ecosystem

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Focused solely on the EAP industry, including health care systems and post-secondary institutions, for more than 20 years

Online Surveys saves you time and captures the information you need!

Time Saving Automation

Manual data entry is a thing of the past. When a case is closed, a survey is automatically sent to the client, who can then return it to you digitally, saving you time.

Easy Client Engagement

Continue to build the relationships you make with your clients by communicating with them effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Surveys allow you to remain engaged with your clients even after their cases have been closed. This engagement builds loyalty and shows that you care about your clients.

The answer is simple: our Surveys solution integrates with EAPx Cloud, so your survey data is housed securely within your core EAP platform.

Easy – we’ve removed the barriers to the survey process by digitizing it 100%! The survey is sent automatically when a case is closed, and the end user can easily fill out the survey and submit it digitally.

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