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With the new EAPx Cloud at the core of your ecoystem, integrating with other key platforms is seamless, with a centralized source of information, at your fingertips. You and your teams can easily access case information, track and view data, and make informed business decisions.

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EAP Expert Software Solutions

For over 25 years EAP Expert has been leading the way for the EAP Industry

EAP Expert

Transform the way you deliver EAP services while realizing increased efficiencies, advanced insights, and business growth.


Simplified and connected case management solution to support your Provider network regardless of where they work from.

MyAPP Customer Portal

100% web-based platform allows easy access to reporting and inisghts for your EAP clients without compromising your business data.

Life Expert

Helping you build Work Life Solutions that create a friendly and safe environment for your employees to seek help.


Manual data entry is a thing of the past. Surveys can be automatically sent to your client electronically, saving you time.

Online Intake

100% web based platform to automate your intake process so that Account Managers can review the details quickly and efficiently.

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Dedicated to the EAP Industry

Backed by unparalleled service and collaboration with the EAP industry, we offer a robust view of the employee experience and help you to efficiently deliver your EAP programs and initiatives.

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We are dedicated to your business and it shows

For more than 25 years, we have focused solely on the EAP industry, including within health care systems and post-secondary institutions.


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We have worked with hundreds of clients with the singular focus of helping them strengthen their EAP services. We not only work in the technology business; some of our experts have worked at companies like yours or as therapists and counselors. We know your business.