Summer, Don’t Go: How Summer Plays a Part in Mental Health

Summer is almost done, and we bet you feel great. All summer the sun is shining, and you feel…amazing! Often winter can be miserable due to the gloomy, cold days and less time to experience the outdoors…comfortably. Well, summer often turns that frown upside down! When people say that the sunshine and heat makes them feel more happy, it’s true. This is for many reasons of which we will be discussing. So, why do you feel happier in the summer?

Time to Get Out of the House

People are more active on a daily basis during the summer months since the sun rises early and sets late, and the weather is ideal for outdoor activities such as walking, jogging, riding a bike, and swimming. Physical activity, as we all know, is a natural and powerful mood enhancer, so it seems to reason that being active would have a part.

More Time on Our Hands

Summer allows us to visit and spend quality time with family and friends, and it also provides us with an excellent reason to go on vacation with them. Not only are you given the time with the people you care most about, but you’re also able to do so much more. Evidence suggests that positive relationships (with family, friends, and our community) are essential for our mental health.

Working Hours are Often Reduced

Summer is a time where people like to take advantage of the vacation time that their work provides, as well as taking a step back from working overtime like one might in the winter, with weekends being a consideration to take time off. Summer urges most people to take time for themselves to relax and catch up on rest that has been overdue, which is extremely beneficial to your mental health as it is a vital form of self-care.

Vitamin D

“Soaking in the Vitamin D” is what you might catch yourself saying outside on a warm summer day, but what does that really mean? Vitamin D consumption is necessary for the management of calcium and phosphorus absorption, the preservation of healthy bones and teeth, and it can assist to provide protection against a variety of diseases and ailments. Last but not least, as we all know, the sunshine can impact our moods immensely.

We hope you were able to enjoy the outdoors and the warm weather this summer!

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