EAPx Cloud

EAPx Cloud - Web based software

EAPx Ecosystem Solutions

accelerating technology innovation and increasing revenue

The EAPx ecosystem will allow EAP’s to massively scale distribution of their digital platforms and services.

Access Anywhere

No matter where your business takes you, all you need is a web browser.

Thinking Ahead

EAPx Cloud is built with the future in mind. Build your ecosystem with our integrations.

Visual Reporting

EAPx Cloud now offers more robust and user-friendly reporting capabilities. Create Visual dashboards and share with the right audience easily.

Multilingual & translatable

EAPx Cloud can be made available in a variety of languages to meet your end users needs. Talk to us about translations services.

API's & Integrations

EAPx Cloud is all about connecting the right software for the job at hand. We are working to create a variety of integrations to enhance the power of your EAP Expert experience.

Increased Efficiencies

EAP Expert is focused on bringing our internal experience and those of our clients to build a powerful application that simply makes you better at what you do!

Intelligent Software

No Artificial intelligence just yet, however, EAP Expert can come pretty close in helping you get work done with all the right data at your fingertips.

Easy to use interface

EAPx Cloud continues to provide the same easy to use interface that you are used to working with.

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

Yes, The good old EAP Expert desktop version is still kicking around. However, you will not see too many new features added over time as we focus on building our web products better moving forward.

For information on our pricing for EAPx Cloud, reach out to your Account Manager or our Sales team. You can also fill out our contact form or book a demo to see the product in action.

Yes you can. Switching to EAPx Cloud is simple and painless. There is no need to migrate your database – its kind of like flicking a switch.

No, all you need to access EAPx Cloud is a web browser. There is no longer a requirement to use the third party software Parallels to access EAP Expert.

For starters, EAPx Cloud no longer requires additional software to access the software. You simply open your web browser and head over to the login page. Having a web based product allows us to build out more integrations, easier updates can be completed, and an improved user experience.

Security is front and centre with all our software products. EAPx Cloud comes with multi factor authentication and is hosted on our same AWS servers with a managed security partner.

Licenses for EAP Expert software are provided on a  “named user” basis. We do not offer concurrent licensing.

We currently do not offer free trials of our software. However, we can provide in-depth demo’s and we are happy to meet with you mutliple times and answer any questions you may have during the buying cycle.

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